Biographical Sketch

In the years 1964 and 1965 I began to shape myself fervently as a musician, with the desire to reach great goals, and I showed that I had a great love for music that I began playing on the tiple (a 12-metal-stringed instrument that has its roots in Colombia, the Spanish guitar, and the Venezuelan cuatro. At the same time, I was preparing my own musical compositions.

Two years later, it was apparent to me that the instrument I liked the most was the harp. It was to become the destiny of my professional musical life. In 1966 I formed a group of young musicians to start performing the regional music of the plains of Colombia and Venezuela. It was called Los Vaqueros (the cowboys).

In 1968 I moved to Bogota, Colombia, and shortly thereafter I made a record with a company named Sello Vergara. It was called Cantares Llaneros (Songs of the Plains). Later Sony offered me a contract and published six of my albums, which became popular very quickly. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Europe two times, where I stayed for about a five year period.

I learned a great deal at the side of great musicians, who gave me so much good advice. As a result, I changed my musical style so as to be able to play international music.

Today after so many years of persisting throughout easy times and hard times, I recognize that I still have the energy to "reach the other shore of the river."

In addition, today it gives me great satisfaction to be able to deliver my music to you, who deserve so much for the support you have given me thorough your applause and cheers.

Right now I am involved in the production of a new compact disc that I hope will please the ears of my audiences. And I am sure that it will open doors to enable me to better reach all of the beautiful people who believe in my work and therefore, have lit a light of hope, love, and happiness for everyone who need it so much in these turbulent times in the world.

I am very thankful to my noble wife, Lydia, who has helped me to pursue my career, giving me unconditional love and support.

René has moved to Altamonte Springs, Florida.