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Hello camara!
I hope you look forward to reading this newsletter monthly since the information changes and I bring more news and sometimes even new pictures are added. In the month of June, Father’s Day was celebrated. I sang a song that I had dedicated to my taita, El Viejo Quedo Solo”. It relates the nostalgia of seeing my father old, alone, and worn by the years of having worked on the range, now with his hands calloused by the axe and the rejo tieso.. I have received requests for this song and other of my previous recordings and I can only say, unfortunately they are not available. The new CD Sol Y Sombra that we just put out is available through
Perhaps there is an impresario or promoter interested in taking me there.

Taita-  means father. It is a noun made popular and used widely in almost all the country  especially in rural areas when referring to dad  or daddy.

Rejo tieso- is a lasso, whip or bullwhip made of the hide of the cow or bull. The rejo tieso is used to corral and tie up horses or cattle.

Corner Note July
It makes me happy to receive requests of my previous recordings since many people have heard me on the radio or have seen me on television and want the complete set of the recordings as they are presented in the discography section of this website and I am saddened because it is not available. In Villavicencio the magazine Alma Llanera is distributing my music. I would like to promote this release LIVE. I know my llanera music will be appreciated even more, since there is now new interest in the llano because of the new novela that came out. I wish there were the opportunity for me to perform and collaborate in a  special presentation that would be able to uplift the llano.

Monthly Question

Who has any video clips of René Devia in Bronx, NY or in Punta Gorda, FL ?

Answer to Monthly Question

We have not had luck with the monthly questions. I’ll share the answers as soon as I get them; until then the questions remain open. I think that many people have not seen my website. I have lost contact with many friends in Colombia and in New York and don’t know how to reach them; so I ask you to share my website with all your friends that love music, the llanos, and Colombia.

This And That
I am asked, how difficult is it to record? I’ll tell you, recording is relatively easy. Many people record and many have recording studios in their own homes. I do not have one yet. My personal requirements don’t allow me to record anything less than superior quality when it comes to sound, performance, presentation, message, and representation. Yes this is expensive. The more information included in the CD the higher the cost.
How René Devia records a record/CD:
*I begin with a repertoire that I consider has universal themes that reach a lot of people.
*I include my own compositions.
*I play the harp and select musicians that many times are non-existent around here.
*I choose a quality recording studio within a price range of my reach since my resources are modest.
*I receive the Master CD.
*I select a photograph from a professional photographer.
*The art and design is produced by my daughter Ingrid Devia who is a graphic artist.
She prepared “ René Devia International” Vol. I and Vol. II.
*I look find a company that replicates CD’s.
Added frills to the cover presentation and insert information, increase my cost.
*I manage to receive my order of CD’s/Posters.
*I search for a company that helps me distribute them.
*I present my music to those who have seen me play or have heard of me.
*We need to promote it.


Here And There
-The hard part is getting to be heard on the radio.
-You cannot hear my music here nor there.
-It is not  promoted.
-Nobody knows it exists.
-Nobody requests it.
-When you do request my music, there is nowhere to buy it.
-There is no local point of sale for a distributor.
-I  hope you can help me with your contacts, referrals, and through networking.
Beside the present website - there are three additional website that are legitimate and are mine.  and and
These are the ones handled by my son Yarolt Devia who is a light, sound and video technician. I thank God who gives me life, my llano who inspires me. I thank the public who love, request and look for me. I count on my friends who believe in me and follow me where I go along with my wife who motivates me and does all my translations.


Ingrid Devia
Graphic Design for all business needs
Personalize your  logos, business cards, CD’s

Yarolt Devia
Video, Light and Sound Technician
Call for quality live events

Cuerdas Sonora
tel. Plutarco Toloza
Strings for all instruments


Please send your donations, honorariums or gifts that are very appreciated and needed to promote culture and folklore to

Rene Devia
PO BOX 761492
San Antonio TX. 78245



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