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Hello camara!
The United States along with Colombia had much to celebrate this past July, primarily its independence day. I listen to these anthems and feel they hold onto hope. The stanza that fills me from the Himno Nacional De Colombia is the one (my personal translation)
“De Boyaca en los campos el genio de la gloria
Con cada espiga un héroe invicto coronó.
Soldados sin coraza ganaron la victoria,
Su varonil aliento de escudo le sirvió”


       From the fields of Boyaca the genius of
       glory crowns a unconquered hero with every stem.
       Soldiers without armour won the battle
       whose virile courage served as shields.}

that talks about the peasants who are substance of the country. There are some of us who say the future of the cities lies in the farms. Of course, the seed of good now germinates.

Llano- The wide plain territory found in the eastern part of Colombia. It was from the plains that the valiant men with their lances in the battle of Boyacá that ensured the victory of the country.

Llanura -Plains or savannahs that extend through thousands of kilometers without any hills. Llanura or pampa are total flat grasslands.

Cimarronera- Group of wild untamed savage horses or beasts that live in the “llano“.

Sierra- Mountain range- a territory with a combination of small hills and plains. The Sierra de La Macarena is renowned in the “llanos”.

Corner Note
I found an LP record that was reproduced in Madrid, Spain in 1979 by the CBS label titled, René Devia “Cuando La Llanura Despierta” (When the plains awaken). I found it on the internet and was for sale in euros so naturally I purchased it. View it now that I have included it in my Discography section! For me this is a treasure because as you have seen the recordings of these previous labels are unattainable. Now all I need is the first LP record that I recorded. It is title, “Cantares A Mi Llano” with the now extinct Vergara label, who sold its original sound reels and rights to the FM label but at that time there some original sound recordings of several artists managed to get lost including mine, but someone -somewhere has to have a copy of that first album where I present my first group Los Vaqueros  alongside with my little sister Clara singing, my brother Hugo at the maracas and Henry Benavides playing the cuatro.

Monthly Question

Who has the first LP recording of Rene Devia, “Cantares A Mi Llano”  Vergara label 1971? (with or without jacket cover)

Answer to Monthly Question

I leave you with these inquiries as previous questions still stand to be answered.

This And That
Thanks to this website many have approached us and sent their greetings and they tell us how they have asked for my music and have tried to pass the word so that my music can be heard on the radio and that makes me happy because I do want to want to do a show with my new songs and also perform the other well-known songs.

Many people know my music but don’t know my name, while others have heard of René Devia and his famous songs like, “La Voz Del Viento”,  “En Mi Vida Privada”, “Tropel De Cimarronera”, “Cuando La Llanura Despierta”, “Sierra de La Macarena”, Un Llanero De Ciudad”, “Puerto Inirida” ,and they have not seen me in person.

To those who appreciate the broadcast and the task that I have undertaken for the “llano” and to the presentations of the “llanero folklore” it is possible to bring forth and share on radio, television, live and direct again in different cities. This can be done with effort and determination. We must make the necessary  contacts starting  with corporate sponsors, businesses and education and cultural entities. In the meantime I  here continue to teach, play, sing and show the beauty of my “llano”


Here And There
Hidey Ho! I’m here, you’re there!
We danced and partied in Austin this July 20 in a small colombian pub that had a place for us to celebrate our day. Note, that the entertainment was by a Puerto Rican Band.  Perhaps because of a lack of time they could not find any colombian performer, but nonetheless we had a good time and ate food and colombian delicacies. Here we saw the images on television of the celebration in all of Colombia. Everyone in one way or another joined in parades and reunions here also in many cities and states.


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